Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Panorama on Scientology

I have been a fan of John Sweeney since he turned up in a dinghy and tried to land on the island of Brecquo in the Channel Islands, which is owned by the Barclay brothers.

I have to say that I was utterly bemused by his Panorama report on Scientology last night. Sweeney has written a piece on it here. I had no idea anyone could shout as loud as he did in his "exploding tomato" incident. But the pressure under which he was put was extraordinary, and one has to ask "Why?"

As Sweeney said, you can't imagine the Church of England press officer acting like Tommy Davis, the Scientology man, did during filming for the programme.

The Scientologists are applying in teh UK for the status of a religion. As Sweeney said "Good luck to them - I can't imagine them hosting 'Songs of Praise' anytime soon".

One of the most puzzling and strange episodes in the programme was the visit the exhibition "Psychiatry: Industry of Death". As Sweeney writes: "Scientologists want "the global obliteration" of psychiatrists, who they say were to blame for the rise of Nazi Germany." .....I see.


  1. The irony being that the Nazis rose to power on the back of, among other factors, the peddling of the theory of a "global jewish conspiracy".

    Not at all like a "global psychiatry conspiracy", then...

  2. It is funny how more than one Lib Dem blogger seems prepared to shrug off Sweeney's rage.

    Personally, I think it did him no credit at all. As I expalined to Gavin Whenman , he would have made a stronger case by keeping his cool and using the stalking and obstructionism in the programme. Instead, his programme will forever be remembered as the one where the guy from the BBC lost his cool.

  3. No John Sweeney, you can't imagine the Church of England doing that - Islam perhaps - but not the CoE.

    I'm no fan of Scientology, but their own video "Panorama Exposed" is the most superb trashing of a reporter and/or media organisation that I have seen.

    It's not just Screamer Sweeney's rant - it is the tabloid antics that he got up to to try and engineer a shots of uncooperative Scientologists (e.g. turning up at unmanned back doors and side gates to fool the viewer into thinking he couldn't gain access)


  4. Liberal Democrat activist? Terrifying. So far this morning I have had 3 leaflets through my letter box from the Lib Dems. I dare say they won't be the last.

    Anyway, onto the topic here. Scientology...

    The Panorama Exposed video is the usual pathetic propaganda from Scientology. If you want the facts, google Lisa Macpherson.

  5. I'm delighted the system is working!

    Thank you for that tip.