Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ming on BBC TV news about Facebook

As I struggled with my midriff in the gym at lunchtime, I saw a clip of Ming appear on the screens in the context of Facebook on BBC News. Prince William also flashed up. The story was about this (I presume - they always have Capital Radio on rather than the sound from the TVs!):

A university has told students not to post offensive comments about staff on the social networking site Facebook.

Given that the LibDems struggle to get media coverage at the best of times, it is great that Ming seems to have entered the BBC narrative as a cutting-edge Facebook user.


  1. Unfortunately the sound was pretty crucial. The voice-over said:

    "He's on it, or at least his staff have put him there..."

    Not very cutting edge at all!

  2. Oh well, better than nothing. Does anything from leaders (eg oped pieces in the papers, Cmaeron's blog bits) actually get written/typed in by the leaders themselves?