Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lights out London

One of the oddities of going to the gym is that I get to listen Capital Radio in the middle of Berkshire. I couldn't help noticing - mainly because they mentioned it 1,966 times every ten minutes when I was at the gym - that they are running a "Lights out London" event which will involve getting people to turn off their lights and other non-essential domestic appliances between 9pm and 10pm on June 21st.

Hello? It's still light while I type this - without the light on - and on June 21st it will be even more light at 9pm.

Anyway, full marks to Capital. I do wonder how much energy the event will save (I am told some lights and appliances use more electricity if you turn them off and on again, than if you just leave them on). But it gets people thinking in the right direction.

1 comment:

  1. It's a great idea - but what Ken really needs to do is use his influence to get the local councils to change THEIR ways. Here in Richmond I've just closed my blinds AND (lined)curtains, and the street lights are STILL shining through. Its saves me putting the light on - but that's not really the point!

    The light pollution is dreadful - and this from the council that is penalising 4x4 drivers (not that I'm a fan) but pot, kettle and black...