Monday, May 21, 2007

George Michael - Blimey!

Jonathan Ross on Friday night set a new standard for mayhem, even for that show. Janice Dickinson was on. She's is the self-proclaimed first American super-model, apparently. She's a bit like Joan Rivers, without the wit.

Then on Michael Parkinson on Saturday we had the actual Joan Rivers. It finally dawned on me that much of her act is her laughing, or writhing in astonishment, at her own jokes. This was clear through juxtaposition because she was sat next to the wittiest man on earth, Stephen Fry.

George Michael was also on Parky. Hum. I was reminded me of Atlee's advice to Harold Laski: "A period of silence on your part would be most welcome."


  1. I thought George Michael was OK, when he was being interviewed on his own.

    Unfortunately the tone set by Ms Dickenson meant that Jonathan was embarassing when interviewing Andrew Lloyd-Webber and John Barrowman.

  2. Thank you Biscit. Don't you think Mr Michael has something of a chip on his shoulder?

  3. I didn't until he started butting in on Stephen fry!

    I think his attitude to the press camping outside his house is reasonable. I mean while much of what he does is newsworthy, "George Michael leaves house" isn't any kind of story.