Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Government's planning white paper: Architects association says 'Poor decisions will be made a little more quickly'

I have badly judged architects. Sorry. RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) have responded to the planning white paper with remarkable vigour:

Good design and environmental sustainability need to be at the heart of a humane planning system – but on design grounds the White Paper has failed to deliver.“We support deregulation, but not at any price. Of course we welcome efforts to cut red tape on microgeneration or small-scale applications so that planning attention can be focussed where it needs to be. But unless good design is entrenched into the planning system, it just means that poor decisions can be made a little more quickly.

“For the RIBA, the key point is about driving quality into the planning system. With its White Paper, the Government has delivered on quantity but not on quality.”

LibDem housing spokesman Dan Rogerson has also made a trenchant criticism of the White Paper:

Labour also promised there would be no more Twyford Downs. The reality of the Government’s proposals is that the only way local communities will be able to stop major infrastructure developments will be digging tunnels and climbing trees. The Government would like us to think they’re concerned about consultation but these proposals are all about streamlining the planning process - making it easier to push through decisions they know people will object to.

Hat-tip to Paul Crossley

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