Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why Blair will go down in history as a complete Numpty

Numpty is putting it mildly. I am grateful to the Scots for providing a word which can avoid accusations of over-the-top posting.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair has succeeded into putting huge investment in the NHS and Education. He has completed a constitutional revolution in the UK. He has succeeded in the almost saint-like achievement of creating a kissfest (am I dreaming? - pinch, pinch) between Martin McGuiness and Ian Paisley in Northern Ireland.

For those achievements he ought to go down as the most successful Labour Prime Minister bar, possibly, Clement Atlee.

But he ruined it all by the most stupid, idiotic act of a Prime Minister since Eden and the Suez misadventure. ...The type of act that Harold Wilson was wise enough to avoid by refusing to give President Lyndon Johnson even the fig-leaf of an army band to help him out of the Vietnam quagmire.

I believe Blair will be forever remembered for his completely wrong-headed, insanely unquestioning and pathetically blind obedience to George Bush. (The latter of whom will go down as one of the most disastrous Presidents in the history of the United States of America.)

Both of them ought to be tried for war crimes, and I hope they are.

Their unedifying display of "sod everyone" self-congratulation in the White House Rose Garden today was blood-chilling. They are the only two people in the world who believe their own bulls**t.

Thank God Blair is going, and thank God the Democrats are starting to, at last, bring change to American foreign policy.


  1. Firstly, to set the record straight, I have no political allegiance.

    This man has made mistakes a plenty, we all have, unfortunatly his mistakes have bigger effects on the rest of us, and get more press coverage. Let us not forget that this man has had to lead us through a tough 10 years. Could yo do it?

    While he may go down in history as a bit of a numpty in some respect it takes alot for a D list celebrity, never mind the serving prime minister to do this

    or to use the net to congratulate the new french premier on the internet in french.

    Many criticised Thatcher, Chamberlain, Churchill, for some of their actions. But they will go down in history as greats. As, I beleive, will Blair.

  2. Actually it wouldn't have been a tough ten years if Blair and Bush hadn't been so stupid as to feed terrorism by attacking Iraq without proper international support. Otherwise, Blair could have coasted through the ten years - the economy was doing well, no trouble with the unions etc etc

    Oh, so he can impersonate Catherine Tate. Oh brilliant. Just what we elect Prime Ministers to do. Bugger the fact that he sent thousands to their premature deaths in Iraq.

    Using the internet to congratulate the French?! You are winding me up aren't you?

    Chamberlain? Down in history as a great?! What history books have you been reading?

    Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Oh dear - Chamberlain actually made one mistake and given the circs at the time, frankly understandable. Without appeasement he was actually a good peacetime Prime Minister. In fact, rather a lot of politicians were 'peace minded' for quite obvious reasons. He also loyally and strongly supported Churchill at the start of his premiership in the face of strong covert opposition from all sides of the house. Returning to the present, Tony Blair's civil record isn't bad. OK the givernment have thrown millions at NHS and Education; for a disappointing return. But that's rather like LibDem West Berks - 8 million on Trinity School, for what result? In both cases, would suggest it isn't the 'numpty' at the top - more those apparently 'employed' to do the job!

  4. Many thanks History Man. I have no problem with Chamberlain - merely that I doubt he should be listed in the same sentence as Churchill as a 'great'. I'll leave Thatcher to one side.

    I think you'll see in my first paragraph that I agree that Blair has a good "civil" record as you put it.

    Have you recently been to Trinity school?