Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cameron is reluctant to repeat "Slippery Nipple" experience

It appears that David Cameron is reluctant to repeat his "Pink Pussy" or, if you prefer, "Slippery Nipple" experience with Jeremy Paxman. This was an interview with Jeremy Paxman, which the Great Paxo opened, with typical elan, by saying "Do you know what is a Pink Pussy?". When Cameron said 'no', Paxo continued: "What is a slippery nipple?". It all went downhill from there.

The Editor of Newsnight Peter Barron writes:

Take David Cameron. Some observers felt he came very well out of the "slippery nipple" encounter (which you can watch here) with Jeremy just before he became Conservative leader. But despite regular invitations to repeat the experience in an imaginative array of formats, more than a year later our wait goes on.

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