Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Grammargate: Seminal moment in Cameron project?

Cicero asks if David Cameron is losing the plot? James Graham writes an excellent analysis on the current state of the Cameron project: Is Cameron actually leading the Conservative party?

Lobbing a passing hat-tip at Iain Dale, it is interesting that Tim Montgomerie has picked up some of these themes in the Telegraph today: Cameron should look to his right. This includes some words of criticism for Cameron:

If David Cameron did not intend the grammar schools row to escalate into a week-long confrontation with grassroots Tories, he shows few signs of regretting that it has.
The Tory leader could have calmed tempers with a clear tribute to the role that grammar schools have played in turbo-charging the education of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Instead, he has chosen the path of confrontation: describing the debate as "pointless" and "delusional", he managed greatly to raise the temperature of the whole affair.

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