Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Recent updates

I have now worked out that I actually started this blog on 18th May 2006, so I am a few days short of my first anniversary and 660 posts down. I am delighted to say I survived the year without disabling comments or censoring them except on one occasion when I “starred up” two swear words from an “anonymous” commenter.

One thing I have considered, but not bothered with, is a warning to “anonymous” commenters that, more often than not, I can see their IP address from my Site statistics monitors, so they are not actually totally “anonymous” even if they think they are. As I say, I haven’t bothered with this.

I have had great fun with this blog over the year, which is rather worrying. Thank you for reading it.

I recently updated my header photos to include Julia Goldsworthy because she is a good “Cornish Maid” and Colin Eldridge, PPC for Wavertree, because I am a fan of his. The seaview is of Camel Rock, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall. The church is St Nicolas Church, Newbury where I worship and the LibDem gathering is of David Rendel when he was recently elected Newbury PPC.

Call me an anorak if you like, but I have tried to have every “mod con” known to mankind on my sidebar. Recently I have added:

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Video wall which is set to “politics”. It looks fantastic but some of the videos are rather dated.
Upcoming LibDems on the media
Current state of the moon panel

I intend to increase my “24 carat burbles” link list but for now it includes (with recent adds asterisked):

5 tracks - Question everything *
A Liberal goes a long way
A Yellow Guard
Ballots, Balls & Bikes
Brian Sloan *
Double negative *
Duncan Borrowman
Forceful and Moderate
Home of the Mandinmories (Gambian issues) *
Hot Ginger and dynamite
Hug a hoodie
Hunting for witches *
Iain Dale's Diary
LibDem blogs
Liberal (Not so) Alone
Liberal Review
Life and Times of..... *
Lindyloo's Muze
Matt Davies *
Moonlight over Essex
My tale of me *
Nile's blog
No Geek is an island
Norfolk Blogger
Notes from across the pond *
Peter Black AM
Pigeon Post
So...this is my life *
The Laughing Cavaliers *
The Liberal Republican *
The Periodic Englishman
The posh sounding Northumbrian
The Sandals are off
The site where I prove the 'right' are wrong *
The Very Fluffy Diary of Millennium Dome, Elephant
The Whiskey Priest
Twentyfour hours in the West Berks Jungle *
UK Daily Pundit *
Voting TaKtix *

Once again, thank you for reading.

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