Sunday, May 27, 2007

British sense of outrage over bin collections

I am a great fan of Jasper Gerard, who writes a page in the Observer. One good thing is that his page diverts my attention from Nick Cohen’s writing, which I blithely ignore unless a fellow blogger alerts me to some embarrassing logical inconsistency within it.

Any road up (another one of my phrases which I am now rationing to one a week), Gerard had me laughing out loud today over the current wheely bin controversy:

The British remain unmoved by compulsory ID cards and wall-to-wall CCTV, but put spy cameras in their bins and they feel more victimized than the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Axe weekly collections and the WI thinks it is refighting the American war of independence: no taxation without collection! Ask them to chuck a few cartons in a recycling bag and life seems so traumatic there is talk of the court of human rights.

Mention of the latter court always brings a smile to my face. When I was a councilor on the Planning and Highways committee, you always knew when a complainant had flown off into “over the top” mode when they mentioned a possible appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, as they did at least twice a year. Another sure sign that complainants had eaten too many iron filings for breakfast was if they started to use words which I had to check in the dictionary, like “nugatory”.


  1. The Observer has been in our house for as long as I can remember. It has become so poor recently the only reason for buying it was Henry Porter and to support opur ailing village shop. The shop closed, Mr Garrard has not been given the boot so for the first time four decades, no Observer in thias house and unless there is a huge increase in the quality of the reporting and a cull of London gobs vapouring about their dinner parties, it will stay that way. It's stopped raining at Headingley. Oh no, it's started again.

  2. Thank you Peter. Yes, God seems to have very much decided to do the watering today.