Tuesday, May 29, 2007

'Ming not about to fall on sword'

In the Telegraph, Rachel Sylvester writes that "Ming is not about to fall on his sword":

...there is no treachery underway. The main rivals to succeed Sir Menzies - Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne - seem to agree that the Lib Dems would look careless if they lost another leader so soon. As one frontbencher put it: "The last things the voters remember about us is that Charles Kennedy was drunk, Simon Hughes was gay and Mark Oaten had been doing unspeakable things with a male prostitute. We need a period of stability."

Hat tip to Conservative Home.


  1. What a pathetic article (Rachel Sylvester's, not your's). Apart from being a week behind everyone else, adding nothing of substance, it is transparently trotting to a Cameroonian agenda. We didn't 'nosedive' in the polls - at most we fell back by a percentage point. And the Tories' current civil war over Grammar Schools, far from suggesting we could work with them, highlights quite how mind-bendingly rabid the Tory backbenchers really are - prepared to tear the party apart because of some totemic rhetoric.

  2. Good ol' Telegraph. Only a fortnight behind the news agenda this time.

  3. That's nonsense, James!

    Graham Brady is clearly a front bencher :oD