Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hallejujah! George Bush sees the light on diplomacy with Iran

The world seems a safer place today than it was six months ago. Why? Dick Cheney no longer rules the roost in Washington, getting the US Army to roam around the globe shooting off like he did with his hunting rifle.

George Bush has now sided with Condeleeza Rice (herself no dove) and started talks with the Iranians. Hallejujah!

Peter Beaumont reports in the Observer:

…Bush – having initially rejected the Iran Study Group’s findings on Iraq – suggest last week that he was now minded to be guided by it. The most visible sign of that change in policy is tomorrow’s meeting in Baghdad (with Iran) – a key recommendation of the Iraq Study Group…’Time is on the side of diplomacy. We see no sign of military action being contemplated against Iran” said an (American) official.

…until John McCain gets elected that is.

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