Saturday, May 26, 2007

Internal Conservative memo identifies LibDems as biggest threat to Tory Victory

A Conservative Home headline reads: "CCHQ MEMO IDENTIFIES LIBDEMS AS BIGGEST THREAT TO TORY VICTORY" and refers to a Times piece:

The Tories’ biggest threat is not from UKIP or the BNP but the Liberal Democrats, according to secret research presented to the party’s front bench last month and leaked to The Times. The polling also showed that voters are clearer about what they like and dislike about Mr Cameron than Gordon Brown and that Tory voters are much more positive about the Conservatives than the party’s activists.

1 comment:

  1. Voters are always more supporting of the standard line than activists.

    Activists tend to be extremists, and dislike watered down policies.

    Activists also get involved in factionalism within the party, whereas policy has to reflect the broad church.

    (Apologies to one faction among Lib Dem activists for use of the word "church" ;o)

    The only thing that matters is whether a rival party can actually persuade the activists to defect. As activists tend to be the most committed, I find it unlikely.