Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Will Hilary become Deputy Prime Minister?

Readabet reports that Hilary Benn is 6/4 favourite to be next Deputy Leader of the Labour party. The Guardian has reported on the odds shortening on his deputy leadership bid:

Mr Benn originally looked the favourite to win before last week's nominations after a number of polls suggested he was the most popular contender among Labour party members and trade unionists.

Guido suggests that Benn has the backing of 29 constituencies sewn up.

This is fascinating stuff. You'll remember that Benn struggled to get enough MPs to sign his original nomination. In the end, his dad's mates backed him at the last moment.

So it is interesting that Benn is currently getting some good reports visa vis his popularity.

PS. I know that becoming Deputy leader of the Labour party doesn't automatically make that person Deputy Prime Minister. But it was a good headline wasn't it?

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