Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Telegraph: "Why we need Ming Campbell"

I know I am a bit late, but this is from the Commons sketch in the Telegraph on PMQs this week:

In a second round of questions, Mr Cameron attacked Mr Brown for failing to hold a referendum on the European treaty, and Mr Brown attacked Mr Cameron for reverting to "the old agenda". But what's so wrong with the old agenda? Mr Brown went on to deliver a statement in which, with sly deliberation, he advanced the case for locking up British subjects for 56 days without charge. Mr Cameron replied cautiously to this poisonous suggestion, wary of being accused of being soft on terror. It was left to Sir Menzies Campbell to defend our ancient liberties with proper passion.

He reminded us that far from making us safer, internment can fan the flames of extremism, and he asked why we need more repressive laws than Australia.

Many people cannot see the point of Sir Menzies, but his point is to uphold liberty against a control-freak prime minister at the head of an overmighty state.


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