Monday, September 3, 2007

Stags supposedly take priority for Royals during Diana crisis

I literally ran to get to the telly in time for the start of "The Queen" last night.

In one sense this is a mildly entertaining film. Myself and my dad laughed heartily at several of the bon mots from the "Duke of Edinburgh".

But it was based largely on supposition with, annoyingly, an eye on the American market. It was a bit of a saccharine confection, in other words.

I have heard Helen Mirren say that she looks upon her interpretation of the Queen as sympathetic. In some ways it was. However, the possibly rather unkind observation that the Queen is more interested in animals than humans was not dissipated by her visit to see the corpse of a "14 pointer" stag, which seemed to take Royal priority over all other matters during the Diana crisis.

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