Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fisk this: Widdy goes beserk


Just when you thought it was safe to go out, Ann Widdecombe explodes all over the place splattering bits of old wig everywhere.

I wonder what senior economist and single mother, Stephanie Flanders (of Newsnight) will think of this:

People are terrified of being judgmental. But we should be judgmental. Being judgmental does not mean abandoning people.

Take, for example, the issue of single parents. Whenever a Tory mentions single parents, we are accused of scapegoating. Nonsense. Sometimes, the children miraculously turn out OK.

But in a lot of cases they grow up dysfunctional, turn to drugs and crime and then repeat the same wretched pattern. Either you say that we must not judge this behaviour and therefore do nothing. Or you say we are going to break this cycle.

In our day, to become pregnant before marriage was a disaster, not just for the stigma but because the girl didn't have a roof and you didn't have a breadwinner.

Now, the State supplies the roof and the State is the breadwinner.

"In our day"......I know, I know......nurse the screens!

As usual, it's the generalisation which grates:

I can remember when being on the dole was a matter for stigma. Now it doesn't matter. There is not the sense of individual pride.

Er..and that would apply to what proportion of those on the dole Ann....20%? 50%? 99%? 100%?

It is the liberal dictatorship...Most of our social ills are down to loss of authority; in schools, by the police, in the home, in organised religion.

There is a slow descent into anarchy. We are in moral anarchy. In some estates it is already there. To change things, you must start to restore authority to the police. can you have a dictatorship within an anarchy? Any ideas anyone?

I can feel one of my headaches coming on.

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