Sunday, September 9, 2007

Great Tory idea: bring back evacuees

After "bring back National Service", the Tories now seem to be suggesting "bring back evacuees".

Victoria Cohen in the Observer highlights a gem of an idea which was contained in the launch of the recent Conservative public services review. Co-author Baroness Perry said:

'Discipline, achievement and standards are better in small schools than they are in big ones. So why can't we close the great big city schools...and bus the children out to the villages?'

Is this the battiest idea ever? I can imagine those Baroness Perry envisages those little boys and girls in their gaberdine macs, with gas masks round their shoulders and little packets of sandwiches, being bussed out to the country for school.

Apart from anything else, if you send out bus loads of kids to small village schools, they are no longer small are they?

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