Thursday, September 6, 2007

Boris Johnson's line on drugs - any ideas anyone?

It is fascinating when things, which are the everyday currency of the political anorak bubble, break out into the wider world.

Us polanoraks are familiar with many of the hilarious quotes of Boris Johnson. But I was interested today to see one of his quotes aired in the normal world - yes, there is one out there, blink, blink.

I was wondering past one of those glass-sided conference rooms in the hectic world of IT. There were about twenty people in there being murdered by Powerpoint. Goodness knows what the context of the presentation was. "Making sure you know what you are talking about when you meet a customer" - might be a fair guess.

But, I was amazed by the slide which was being shown and earnestly discussed. It read:

"I can't remember what my line on drugs is.
What's my line on drugs?"

Boris Johnson, MP for Henley 2005

I was not familiar with this quote from the Johnster. I didn't like to laugh out loud in the corridor, for fear of being heard within the conference room (the glass side panels have a gap of seven milimeteres, you know - I know because I have measured it.....don't ask!) but, safely within the lift I guffawed to my heart's content.

If you are wondering about the quote it was uttered during the 2005 general election campaign and quoted in "The Genelection Game", Sunday Mirror, 24 April 2005, p. 19.

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