Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Brown's cunning plan?

George Jones in the Telegraph says that Cameron's summer wobble is in danger of turning into a winter of discontent. He also says that Cameron is in danger of using up all his ammo (all these commission policy announcements) too early.

The latter point was one that has occurred to me in the last few days. Gordon Brown's middle name is "devious" and one has been searching for a motive, other than the obvious, for all this October election speculation.

It could be that Brown has a cunning plan. Speculate about an October election. Get Cameron firing off all his salvoes in the form of his various policy initiatives. Then don't call an autumn election and pick and choose the best of Cameron's initiatives and implement them as government policy before the actual election next spring, or whenever.

Clever that.

It is also possible, of course, that Brown is just as confused as the rest of us. But I doubt it.

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