Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yet more problems for the Tory quality of life proposals

It seems to be one danged thing after another for the Tory quality of life proposals. They appear to have more holes than your average-sized colander.

The latest squall is to do with the proposals about shops and green taxes.

The Sun fires off at Cameron saying "he is barking mad if he thinks supermarkets should charge for parking".

Richard Littlejohn, never missing an opportunity to shoot from the hip, also goes steaming in, in the Mail:

People are aware of their responsibilities to the planet, and most try to conserve energy and recycle as much as possible. But they resent lectures about individual behaviour from Old Etonian politicians. An extra two grand on a Mondeo may not matter to a multi-millionaire like Goldsmith, but it's a huge chunk of change from the average family budget. And whatever CMD [Call Me Dave] may think, regardless of what people tell pollsters, no one will vote for higher taxes and higher prices. They also resent being expected to pay more, on top of their council tax, for less frequent rubbish collections. The Government already raises the thick end of £30 billion a year through "green" taxes - virtually none of which gets spent improving the environment.

I don't agree with the gist of these attacks, but it is great fun to observe the travails of the combustible organism which is the present day Tory "coalition".

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