Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Isn't it great when the Tories turn on themselves?

Iain Dale is erring more and more towards, presumably unconscious, self-parody.

But I have to welcome his Letterman (US version) style "Top Ten reasons", which he's running on 18DS.

Tonight he's running "Top 10 reasons the LibDems should ditch Ming". Should be interesting. I am glad the Tories want to us ditch Ming - this is quite a positive reason for tightly holding onto the man. Mind you, I think the resultant list tonight may transcend such a serious observation.

The top ten reasons why Michael Ancram should be taken out and shot were most entertaining.

I particularly liked:

Number 10: So he knows how the grouse feel.


Number 1: Because shooting him inside would mean that you'd have to repaint the walls.

Talking of Tories turning on themselves, I particularly liked this Dale post from a few days ago:

Bercow & Mercer to "Advise" Labour

The contents of this post have been deleted due to the author of the blog transgressing his own 'no swearing' policy. Normal service will be resumed in the next post.

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