Thursday, September 6, 2007

Iain Dale "exclusive" on 5th Avenue Partners - the world stops turning

The serial Self-parody continues. It's got "EXCLUSIVE" on it but I am still trying to work out what is new about it, apart from refreshing an 11 month-old press release from the Electoral Commission. That release is worth re-stating:

The Electoral Commission has previously made clear its view that it was reasonable for the Liberal Democrats - based on the information available to them at the time - to regard the donations they received from 5th Avenue Partners Ltd in 2005, totalling just over £2.4m, as permissible.

It remains the Commissions view that the Liberal Democrats acted in good faith at that time, and the Commission is not re-opening the question of whether the party or its officers failed to carry out sufficient checks into the permissibility of the donations.

Nevertheless, we have always said that if any additional information that has a bearing on the permissibility of the donations comes to light, for example as a result of the ongoing police investigation or legal proceedings relating to the affairs of 5th Avenue, we would consider the matter further.

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