Saturday, September 15, 2007

Any questions for Ming?

With the other shortlisted "LibDem bloggers of the year", I have been invited to "interview" Ming tomorrow morning as my "prize" for being on the shortlist.

I am somewhat nervous about being in such a cloistered occasion - I would prefer an "online" open questions forum to be held with Ming. Presumably there will be an open "Q and A" with Ming at the conference. I hope so.

And having five people questioning Ming for only half an hour is hardly likely to be a challenging format - as we saw with Newsnight's questioning of Cameron by five journalists. Mind you, given the likes of James, Jonathan, Alex and Richard, I can imagine they will manage to make it challenging and I can just sit back and enjoy it!

But anyway, the attractive high spot of "Daddy" (yes, I get called that as well) sitting in the same room as Ming has enticed my family to come along for a bit of a family away day in Brighton tomorrow.

I suspect that the questioning on Ming will major on the referendum matter and I intended to ask at least one (I suspect I'll only get one) question on domestic matters.

Any ideas for questions?


  1. Yup, there's a Q+A session with Ming in the main conference hall on Monday afternoon.

  2. Q: Does he really believe that the EU Treaty is substantially different from the EU Constitution AND that the British people do not want a vote on this as promised?

  3. Last year the short-listed bloggers interviewed Ed Davey and one of them opened with a pointed "so, tell us what you want us to write then."

    Anything other than that will be a definite step up!.

    My first choice would be to stand at the other side of the street and shout "are you going to resign, Sir Menzies? are you going to resign?" Sky News style, but you must find your own path!