Monday, September 17, 2007

Jonny leaves no dry eyes

Jonny Wright makes his acceptance speech
after receiving the "Newcomer of the year"
award at last night's LibDem Blog awards

Many congratulations to Quaequam Blog (pronounced "James Graham") for winning the LibDem "Blogger of the Year" award. James has been consistently fair but incisive with his commentary. His posts have been perfectly written and argued, and based on an awesome knowledge and command of political theory and practice, so his award is very well deserved.

It was a special delight to see Mary Reid accepting a couple of awards last night, not least the "Phew! Thank the Lord that we can now prove that the LibDem Blogosphere is not a Blokesphere - well not completely" Award.


  1. I wouldn't say James has always been fair though - he has been quite nasty at times to people who definitely haven't deserved it.