Sunday, September 9, 2007

Money and celebrity will not make us happy - thanks for the advice Dave!

With the new policy launch, David Cameron is telling us that money and celebrity will not make us happy. Well, that's very easy to say when you are rich and famous like him, Cameron, and one of the main authors of the report, Zak Goldsmith.

The Sindie reports:

The proposals, to be published by David Cameron, are expected to urge people to pursue a "slower" lifestyle that may involve a cut in salary and flexible working.

That's great advice isn't it? Especially coming from someone who is rich with at least two highly paid jobs and a wife in a highly paid job, and from a Shadow Cabinet which not only have highly paid MPs' jobs but also 115 jobs outside their parliamentary and shadow roles.

The advice is sound, but it would sound so much better coming from someone who had taken a cut in salary and had moved to flexible working and a slower life style.

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