Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Arnie recoils from the Curse of Cameron

All along the watchtower reports plasible reasons, to do with Californian affairs, as to why Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be attending the Conservative conference this year, as previously widely advertised.

It seems a fair assumption that Arnie is actually dumping Cameron because he can see he (Cameron) is not a likely election winner. Why cheese off Gordon Brown when it is obvious that Cameron is highly unlikely to win the next election?

Also, "The Governator" might also be only too aware that the last time an American politician (John McCain) addressed a Tory conference, their political career went into an irretrievable nose-dive immediately afterwards.


  1. Whilst I respect your opinion Paul, I disagree with it and here is why
    Gov. Schwarzenegger cannot run for president his political career is all but over. After he leaves office, (and he will leave office, as a new governor will be elected in 2010), he has 3 political options remaining. He can either;
    Run for mayor of a town or city
    Run for Congress (the US House of representatives)
    Or Run for Senate

    None of which will be hindered by a speech to the conservative party in Britain. In fact, if he was to run after his term has expired, his support for lowering Green house gases will probably earn him more support in the democratic leaning state, which California is.

    And even if he was trying to avoid the failing conservative party, why would he also cancel a trip to India, which is one of California’s main trading partners?

    And finally if Gordon Brown was so offended by the idea of Gov. Schwarzenegger attending the conservative conference why didn’t he just invite him to the labour conference the week before, or show everyone the footage and media coverage of Tony Blair’s meetings with him, followed by a short message of “I support what Tony Blair and Gov. Schwarzenegger agreed upon in their previous meetings and look forward to a strong and healthy relationship with California”

    Stephen Morgan

  2. You've nailed me Stephen. I put my hand up.

    One doubt remains, however. When Arnie accepted the invite to the Tory conf, Cameron was shiny and sexy.

    Cameron is now damaged goods and no US politician wants to be associated with a loser - the video could play on his video CV for ever more and running for Senate is a major deal. Much better to leave the shiny video of Arnie meeting T Blair on Arnie's video CV with no occluding cloud from a loser (Cameron) - the US folks love success and hate a loser.