Thursday, September 6, 2007

Conservative Home criticises Cameron's sharp rebuffs to internal critics

Cameron does seem to be making a consistent mistake in attacking his internal critics with remarkable venom.

First, he shredded Kalms, Brady and Miraj on Today. Now he says a former deputy leader and Tory Chairman, Michael Ancram, is a 'blast from the past who signifies nothing'. The actual quote was: "When you make changes you’ll get blasts from the past who signify nothing."

While this "offence is the best form of defence" tactic might dig Cameron out of temporary ordure occasionally, in the long-term he is making a huge mistake. He is building up a very cheesed-off cadre of Tories who are going to be sharping their knives behind his back, waiting for the moment to pounce.

Conservative Home comments:

Mr Cameron really must stop trashing his critics. His frustration is understandable but his behaviour is not statesmanlike.

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