Monday, September 3, 2007

Dawn French and Lenny Henry obviously don't want to escape the public's gaze

As a regular visitor to Fowey in Cornwall (my mother was born there) I have to salute Dawn French's decision to buy Point Neptune House there (it is revealed here and here so I am not giving away anything). The woman has taste, I'll say that.

Point Neptune House is a gob-smackingly stunning house which obviously has unbelievably beautiful views of the harbour and the sea.

But, my goodness me, if she wanted to find somewhere quiet to crawl away from the public gaze, she has picked the wrong place. I suspect her house will be the most "pointed at" celebrity's house in the country. The house is high on a cliff, next to a busy tourist beach, bang opposite the town of Polruan, at the mouth of the harbour and is so obvious and "in your face" that it will be like living at the top of Big Ben Tower for her and Monsieur Henry.

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