Saturday, September 1, 2007

Caravanners bite back at Clarkson

A friend of mine is a caravanner.

On a Top Gear trip to a Dorset caravan park the campsite was described as "not a holiday, it's a concentration camp", and Clarkson told viewers: "We proved there is no upside to caravanning and they clog up the roads - when we come to power caravanning is going to be banned."

The Caravanners have bitten back through the Caravan magazine and their "101 uses for Jeremy Clarkson".

This is my favourite:


  1. "Boy Scout troupe leader". That would be a "Scout Leader" of a "Scout Troop". There haven't been any "Boy Scouts" since 1966.


  2. And while we're talking about scouting and leaders, it's difficult enough to get enough people to sign up as leaders without widely read and highly respected blogs like this taking the piss.

    Hundreds of young people in Newbury alone attend scout groups and the leaders (I'm not one) put in masses of time and energy to make it all work.

    Like the cartoons, though: excellent likeness of JP.

  3. Fact is these cartoons just reveal frustrating parts of caravaning by replacing them with clarkson.

  4. Anon - was I taking the "p*ss"? The person we are talking about is a very close friend of mine and I respect his activities past and present. He has himself, in the past, poked fun at his dual activities of caravanning and scouting on many occasions.

    It was a posting about caravanners and Jeremy Clarkson. I think you are being way too sensitive. This is a blog. I am actually involved in a Baden-Powell founded youth activity myself.