Tuesday, October 31, 2006

US: It's all kicking off with Bush and Kerry

I sense the hand of Karl Rove in the latest pathetic attempt by George Bush to deflect attention from his disastrous Iraq policy. It's the usual Rove strategy: "When in a hole: BLAME JOHN KERRY".

I have just watched John Kerry's remarkable response to this puerile rubbish from Bush. It has to be seen. Go to this page and click on where it says "Watch Kerry say he won't apologize for criticizing the president and 'his broken policy' " (I'm sorry but I couldn't manage a direct link here.)


  1. I can't view the video at work but based on the CNN report I have to say that Kerry really botched that joke. My reading of it would have been the same - study or you'll have to enlist to make a living, whereas I can see that he meant it as a dig at Bush's educational record (which is odd given that Bush performed better at undergrad level than Kerry IIRC and has a Masters in Business Administration).

    Which isn't to defend Bush's holier-than-thou response to the comments; I doubt his first thought was "I have to protect the reputations of these fine men and women in our armed services". Kerry's joke was badly-written and however OTT the response is I think he has to accept that joking about Iraq will probably upset more than it will entertain at the moment.

  2. Thanks for that comment Aidan. I am sorry the link doesn't work - it was in teh report (I couldn't sort out a direct link to the video from my page). Kerry himself referred to the "joke" as "botched". His defence was very vigorous but typically long-winded. I cannot understand why he attempted the "joke". It is almost as if he did it deliberately to the start the very fracas which it did.

  3. Paul, I'll try it from home later as it's likely the aged computers here.

    I can't understand why he told the joke either. Sometimes I get the feeling that people write jokes in small groups and never test them on somebody who's not of their own mindset. Certainly I understand from reports in the Washington Post that Democrat staffers are absolutely livid that such a huge gaffe has happened so close to the mid-terms. A few weeks ago this could have been shrugged off but given that the tide is beginning to turn back against the Democrats again in some contested states this really could not have come at a worse time!

    Certainly if Democrats think that this has damaged their hopes of gaining either the House or the Senate this year I think he can kiss his 2008 ambitions goodbye!

  4. You are right Aidan. By the look of the two youngsters standing behind him when he cracked his hysterical joke, all he had to do was test run it with those two!