Saturday, October 14, 2006

My bets for US President 2008: One down, one struggling!

When tempted to bet on politics, I am wise to keep my money in my pocket most of the time.

In February, I thought I would have a bit of fun. Betting on Hillary Clinton was a bit too obvious. So I bet a tenner on Mark Warner. A good ol' boy from the South. I thought he was in with a shout. Doh! He has dropped out of the race to spend more time with his family.

Then in March, the governor of Arkansas, who was born in a town called Hope, and was running President, came to my attention. The coincidence seem to be spooky enough to risk a tenner on Mike Huckabee (despite him being a Republican). Oh dear! He is hardly showing on most polls. He is up for re-election as Arkansas governor in November. However, the Rothenberg Political Report is tipping that the Democrats will gain the governorship in Arkansas. I would have thought that would metaphorically pull the flush on any Presidential hopes for Huckabee.

Oh well! Ho hum! Betting on H.Clinton and J.McCain would have been boring and no fun at all.


  1. Last time round, a couple of days before election day, I went to a bookies in Grays and put some money on Kerry.

    I asked for 'each-way' but they said no...

  2. An each way! That's a good one!