Monday, October 2, 2006

Great Accreditation Fiascos of Our Time No 94

That was the title of an Iain Dale posting today where he railed against the delays and queues at Bournemouth. It has now temporarily disappeared from his blog site. It was on there long enough to attract about six comments and I was about to add one saying: "Let optimism beat pessimism. Let sunshine win the day" - but the posting disappeared as I typed.

No doubt Iain will reinstate this delicious posting later. It was one of his finest. In fact, it brilliantly answered the question: "What is Iain Dale for?"

Fortunately, the remains of the posting are preserved on Google Blogsearch:

"Great Accreditation Fiascos of Our Time No 94
1 hour ago by Iain Dale Following on from Huw Edwards having to wait four hours for his pass, I can now bring you news that the American Ambassador can't get into the conference as he hasn't had security clearance. You really couldn't make this up, could you? ..."

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