Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Misty eyed moment on M4 - passing the Sharps van

I had a misty-eyed moment on the M4 this afternoon near Yattendon (I'm a local, I know where these places are and I can lead you to both Vodafone's artifical trees. There must be something missing in my life that I have to point this out....I know.)

I passed a Sharps van!

How is an exiled Cornishman meant to keep his optical water-works under control with this sort of temptation being wafted under his nose! It is bad enough not being able to find Doom Bar on draught up in Berkshire, without seeing the vans. And where was the van coming from? This indicates that somewhere east of Yattendon is being supplied with draught Doom Bar! Why didn't anyone tell me! And where the heck is it being supplied to up here?

I need to know, now.


  1. Ring them up - maybe they will tell you

  2. Good thinking Tony - I will do so. thanks. It's probably somewhere terribly terribly like Richmond.