Friday, October 13, 2006

Das ist Numberwang!

Extras is always a bit painful. You cringe rather than laugh at it. However, last night I did laugh out loud at the bit where Gervais nearly swallowed a bottle of sparkling water. It has to be seen to be appreciated. And Ian MacKellen was hilarious.

The funniest show on TV at the moment is That Mitchell and Webb look, following Extras. Some of the sketches are somewhat dull. But most of them are brilliant and it is refreshing to have a good old laugh once a week.

One of my favourite sketches is Numberwang. Last night they surpassed themselves with the German version, Das Ist Numberwang, which was hilarious. Click below for an excerpt of the English version. It's sort of Mornington Crescent on speed.

That's Numberwang!


  1. Mitchell and Webb are hilarious. Some of it is hit and miss but that's because they are willing to take risks, which is a good thing.

  2. Extras seems increasingly to be trying to out-pain Fawlty Towers. The water bottle thing was very funny, although I wasn't quite convinced by the ending. McKellen was terrific - loved his insistence that they couldn't use the script on stage :-)

    Hole In The Ring was a particularly accurate send-up of Anne Robinson's rubbishness as a quizmistress. I recommend "The Mitchell & Webb Look", their old UK Play series, which is out on DVD.

  3. Will, yes, I thought the Ian MacK line: "There will be no scripts on the night" was hilarious too!