Saturday, October 21, 2006

POLL: The phrase-maker showdown: Edmonds versus Humph

I read in Guardian Weekend today that Noel Edmonds is developing an alleged cult following for his phrases used in 'Deal or No Deal'. Such gems include:

Welcome to Planet Tension

Take the walk of wealth!

Will it be a fortune or a fiasco for...

Channel 4 is all yours

I'll let you judge whether these phrases are brilliant or cringe-worthy.

But, I was reminded of the brilliant Humphrey Littleton and his closing remarks on "I'm sorry I haven't a clue". Shining examples of Humph's skill with the language include:

...and so, as the still-warm seat of eternity is lifted by the charlady of time, before she brandishes aloft the Toilet Duck of destiny...

Ladies and gentlemen, as Wee Willie begins the frantic search for his winkie, I notice we've run out of time...

Well, with Mickey Mouse's big hand pointing upwards and Goofy's tail pointing downwards, I realise my Rolex is a fake....

There are many more here.

Who do you think is the master of quiz show phrases: little Noelly Edmonds or the Humph? (And I have added in a few others to keep it open and democratic).

The choice is yours....

Who is the best quiz show phrase maker?
Noel Edmonds
Humphrey Littleton
Jim Bowen
Bob Monkhouse
Hughie Green
Michael Miles
Max Bygraves
Chris Tarrant
Terry Wogan
Anne Robinson
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  1. Just voted for Humphrey - I was listening to him last night via "Listen Again"

  2. Has to be Humph - so much more elegant that the Wicked Winking Witch of the West...

  3. thank you Nic - Humph seems to be storming away in this highly scientific sample of opinion!