Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The President is coming....I'm washing my hair

The Guardian reports of a remarkable trend in the US. Old Bushy is raising lots of money for Republican Congressional candidates. But they will run a mile (or indeed fly thousands of miles) to avoid him if he visits their area to raise that money.

Tom Kean, standing for the Senate in New Jersey, turned up to a fundraiser which Bush attended, but not until Bush had actually left.

Thelma Drake, re-standing for the House in Virginia, stayed away from a fundraiser which Bush attended in her district. She said she had to attend a vote in Congress which would send projects to her district but the vote was passed 395-0.

Michael Steel standing for the Senate in Maryland, left for Las Vegas as Bush arrived in his area for a fundraiser. That's a round trip of 5,500 miles to avoid being photographed with his own President!

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