Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tories have "died off" in the North

According to a survey by 'Unlock Democracy' the Conservatives have "literally died off" across much of the north of England.

This news has brought intense debate at Conservative Home. Some of the gems deposited there by Tory supporters so far include:

Can a party with a priority list that has more Kensington and Chelsea councillors, than residents of the North West and Yorkshire really expect to seen to be taking the North seriously?

I think we got 90 votes in a council by-election in Manchester this week, coming behind the Greens and BNP

You could ditch the 15 Old Etonians in the shadow cabinet for a start.

One of the most forgotten facts of the last General Election, is that across the regions of the NE, NW, YK & Hm, we actually got a lower % of votes than in 2001. We barely moved in the Midlands.

The previous two generations were blighted with severe bouts of recession under Conservative governments. It means there is little love for the Conservative Party, therefore affecting membership.

I am also concerned at the phenomenal implosion of conservatism in Cornwall.

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  1. Some gems here. What strikes me is that the Tories aren't just disappearing in some parts of the country, they have a real problem with urban representation, as is the case here in Oxford. I have more to say on that at: