Saturday, October 21, 2006

The ultimate political anorak blog?

This is certainly a contender for the ultimate political anorak blog - The Political Bumper Sticker blog. It is dedicated to that peculiar US trend. We don't really have political bumper stickers....or indeed bumper stickers of any sort over here, do we? Rear window stickers perhaps, but not many political ones at that.

But this new blog is dedicated to surveying what sort of cars are driven by people who sport Democrat bumper stickers relative to those who sport Republican the blogger's local area of Phoenix, Arizona.

So far, the blog is off to a rather unscientific start:

The amount of data collected has been very slim. Either people are not that interested in this election or both campaigns only handed out a handful of bumper stickers. So far, I have only found the following:

Len Munsil - Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate (Republican) -- Chevy Suburban- Ford Expedition

Janet Napolitano - Governor-(Democrat) Toyota Camry-Toyota Carolla-Ford Expedition-Honda Element

I am rather unqualified to say if this data enables us to draw any conclusions.

Currently, MyDD has Napolitano down as a shoe-in for re-election as Governor. So, the Toyotas and Hondas have it.

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  1. Those "Baby on Board" diamonds sometimes have me doing a double take...