Friday, October 13, 2006

Sion Simon apologises - guilty of crimes against comedy and hairdressing?

Sion Simon, after self-immolating himself on Sky News, has now apologised for his Webcameron "spoof".

It is all ludicrous really. Our own Will did an excellent spoof of the whole thing, the gist of which was a rather ingenious wheeze involving a cork screw.

And our own Herr Sturmblogfuhrer Tall did an interesting commentary/slight spoof/haven't I got a nice chest? videcast which effectively critqiued the Cameron webcasts.

But the Simon "spoof" was remarkable for its lack of planning, a script and indeed, any suggestion of humour. The bit about Cameron's wife was just lazy rubbish. It wasn't funny. Will showed how real comedy is put together with the aid of his trusty corkscrew. (But then again, Will isn't an MP. )

I think Simon could have got away with the whole thing if he had left out Cameron's wife and, essentially, not been a complete.......fill in your own gap.

The man is far too old for a sort of thirteen year old girl's haircut. He seems to be impersonating Clare Short most of the time. And any politician who uses a word like "egregious" deserves everything he gets.

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