Friday, October 20, 2006

Losing the will to live at 18 Doughty Street

Via Stephen Tall's blog (about his visit to 18 Doughty Street) I watched the video of "Vox Politix" from Monday.

I got to 4 minutes and 38 seconds, lost the will to live, then turned to listening to "Peters and Lee's greatest hits" to cheer me up.

I'll watch 18 Doughty Street in six months when they have hopefully made the thing look more like a professional television station and less like one of those horrid community stations we used to get on NTL. Lighting, sound, cues....all terrible.

And I know I am a political anorak but even I don't want to inflict on myself an hour of political discussion led by Iain Dale.


  1. Must be serious if you feel the need to post it three times Paul.

  2. Paul, I've had my very first look at 18 Doughty Street , and it's clear that creating good TV is far harder than creating a good blog...

    The show I watched reminded me very much of the Nine O'Clock News.

    No , Sorry , it reminded me of Not The Nine O'Clock News and one of their spoof studio discussions. Surely that was Mel Smith there? And Pamela Stephenson under a lot of make-up and a wig? I kept waiting for Rowan Atkinson to appear....

    I don't want to knock the people involved, it's admirable to attempt something like this ... but it's going to be a while before I look at it again.

  3. Thank you Stephen - now singularified.

    Agree, Chris - yes Not the Nine O'Clock News - precisely. It is admirable to attempt it. But apart from anything else, who wants to watch four hours or even four minutes of rather dry introspective politics a day. Newsnight is enough for me.

  4. Another 1 second, Paul, and you'd have made it to me... Talk about the cruellest cut ;-)

  5. Perhaps it was 4.42 I got up to then - I heard your first sentence and, from hearing it, was 100% confident that you would give an excellent defence, as usual, of the party but couldn't bear to hear Dale's simpering responses to you.

    (Have I dug myself out of that hole?!)