Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Prayers for Anthea and Michael Hill

Today, prayers are being said throughout the country for Anthea and Michael Hill and their family.

Michael Hill is the Rt Rev Michael Hill, Bishop of Bristol. With his wife, Anthea, he was involved in a car accident on Sunday. Anthea Hill has a suspected broken neck and was undergoing an operation today in Oxford. Fortunately, Michael Hill was released from hospitalisation on Sunday with a broken collar bone.

The Hill family spent a long time living in Newbury while Michael was Archdeacon of Berkshire. The family frequently attended our local church and Michael addressed our Church Men's group (women welcome).

My wife refers to Michael as "The Venerable Yob". While this might seem fascetious, it is in fact an affectionate tribute. Michael has a remarkable history in that he was once a youth gang leader. From his testimony it seemed to be a pretty serious gang, at that. He had not even attended church at the age of 18. As a result, he comes across as a remarkably down-to-earth person.

Michael Hill is the sort of Bishop who is danger of giving faith a good name.

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