Wednesday, October 4, 2006

US Congress battle gets interesting

The Foley scandal is having an interesting effect in the US. There is the prospect that the hordes of Evangelist Christians, normally relied upon to vote Republican, may sit at home on Election Day. They are so disgusted by the scandal.

The Rising Donkey comments:

What seemed unlikely a couple of weeks ago is now a very strong possibility -- a Democratic takeover of the U.S. Senate. As a result of the Foley cover-up, it is not hard to imagine droves of disgusted evangelicals staying home on November 7, and a healthy chunk of those who don't stay at home now deciding to vote Democratic. Indeed, the GOP leadership's internal rot is so redolent that many non-evangelical conservatives may do likewise.

Polls in swing states are looking good for the Democrats, forecasting four Senate gains in Pennsylvania, Montana, Ohio and Rhode Island.

In the House elections, a tracking poll published today by Zogby shows that "Democrats hold leads in races for 11 out of 15 key Republican-held House seats".

Chris Bowers reports that in the last ten days, the US has seen the following things which are further hobbling Republican chances of a recovery:

The National Intelligence Estimate declare that the war in Iraq in increasing terrorism worldwide
Colin Powell say he was fired
Rice is on the verge of having to resign.
Bill Frist say that the Taliban should rule Afghanistan
The White House met with Jack Abramoff 485 times, and had a huge amount of influence.
Bob Woodward comes out with a book saying
the Bush administration is lying about Iraq.
Droves of Republicans are under investigation for something.

Mind you there is still time for the Republicans to stage some sort of recovery. But it's certainly all hotting up and getting quite interesting!

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