Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yes, Garth Crooks does need to chill out

Relaxed Saturday and Sunday afternoons are such a pleasure (unlikely to be sampled by yours truly between now and May 3rd, incidentally). ...Sunday falling asleep in front of a black and white film (it's traditional - Genevieve is the best one to do it to - I have never watched the whole film). And Saturday is a particular pleasure pressing the red button for "Final Score" at 4pm.

Drowning oneself in the commentary of the "Final Score" team is an absolute pleasure. But I agree with the Norfolk Blogger, who is, as usual, on the money. Garth Crooks needs to chill out. He is an absolute star - fantastic knowledge, great football judgement. But, the BBC should send him on a stress management course. Get him to sit back. Take it easy. You are a star Garth. Relax and enjoy. You don't have to fight any more!

Now, Gavin Peacock - what a star that man is. Relaxed. Laid back. Doesn't give a Four-X. He is the biz.


  1. Genevieve is great, and unless you've got a B&W TV, its in colour :-p

  2. Well remembered Tristan - that just shows that I am more interested in sleeping than watching it!