Sunday, February 4, 2007

News of the World on the late Fiona Jones, former Labour MP for Newark

Hat-tip to Chris Paul - Labour of Love, who reports that the News of the World have covered the death of the former Labour MP, Fiona Jones, as only they can. There is a video and salacious details. It is not for the faint-hearted.

Their headline is "Blair babe drinks herself to death". Chris Paul comments:

But the saddest story of the day is of former Labour MP Fiona Jones who has died of hard drinking. This was triggered by both a degenerate drinking culture at the Palace of Westminister and by the campaign to oust her based on allegations of over-spending in her election campaign. Of which Fiona was quickly cleared on appeal.

Yes, very sad. I feel extremely sorry for her family, having to put up with this sort of thing.


  1. A sad story, but I thought H of C bars did sell non alcoholic drinks as well ?

    I know some parliamentarians who tell me awful; stories about MP's being drunk, but similarly, they also tell me about those diligent hard working MP's who treat the HoC as a place of work and not a gentlemans drinking club.

    It is like working in a pub. I know lots of people who have, but they don't all get drunk.

  2. Let her rest.
    She was treated like shit by a local and national Labour Party that should have at least the minimal duty of care that we would expect ( especially a trad-unionised party ) in any other type of work.
    I was told not to speak to her 'She,s bad news'.
    Fiona's story is not the first and will not be the last.

    Don't talk bollocks either about the 'sisterhood' or women being supportive to each other in the House.

    Thatcher had it right -- spurn other women because they only want to destroy you. Women, largely, detstroyed Fiona.
    She was my friend and colleague. I will miss her and I repsect her life and work.

  3. I read about Fiona's tragic demise and it's one of the saddest stories ive heard in a long long time. My heart goes out to her family, Im sure she was a loving wife and mother and her husband and boys will no doubt miss her terribly.

    Alcoholism is a dreadful, debilitating disease, one that is so difficult to treat if the sufferer doesnt have insight into their illness. Most alcoholics are not aware they are ill, and you cannot enforce treatment on someone who doesnt want to be treated. This is so hard for the families who have to watch a life snubbed out by a vicious addition to drink.

    My thoughts and deepest sympathies to Fiona's family.


  4. Thank you for that comment, Kim. Amen to that.

  5. Patrick Mercer, rejected the allegations of a smear campaign and insisted he was fighting a "clean" campaign.

    Fiona said: "The Tories have been asking people on the doorstep if they knew their MP had been
    Commenting on an endorsement of Mrs Fiona Jones MP by Labour Party members for her to stand at the next General Election, Mr Mercer said: "I hope she will have a little bit more confidence to do her job properly as she seems to break appointments, to snub people and refuse to answer telephone calls and letters.

    Let us hope in a year's time we get the result she richly deserves and we richly deserve, because if she cannot do the job properly, I know someone who can."

    This Christian lady was done up like a Christmas turkey

    Let us all hope that in the time to come we get the result he so very richly deserves and we so richly deserve!!