Friday, February 9, 2007

Tony Banks quotes

One of my political heroes is the late Tony Banks. Not so much because of his political views, but because of his hilarious wit.

I was reminded of him by my good friend, the Granny from New Smyrna Beach. She mentioned "the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill", who she had seen on C-Span. That, of course, was Nicholas Soames. I was reminded of his descriptions of Soames, of whom he was a good friend. He described Soames as "a one-man food mountain". He also told him: "You could have an exhibition inside your own underpants"and called him "A cross between Sir John Falstaff and Bertie Wooster."

I then found a collection of the "Wit and wisdom of Tony Banks" on the Independent site. There are some crackers on there.

In April 1994 he said of John Major:

He was a fairly competent chairman of housing [on Lambeth Council]. Every time he gets up now I keep thinking "what on earth is Councillor Major doing?" I can't believe he's here and sometimes I think he can't either.

That reminds me of Churchill's description of Neville Chamberlain: "A good Lord Mayor of Birmingham in a lean year ".

In May 1997 Tony Banks said:

They've had 18 years to ***k the country up. We've had only two days. And we're not doing badly.

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