Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Is this the worst programme in the history of the BBC?

"When will I be famous?"


Complete cobblers, would be a charitable way to describe this BBC1 Saturday night show, introduced by Graham Norton (even he can't save it).

Someone in the BBC thinks that they can get away with reviving "New Faces" if they give it the appearance of Dance Fever/Celebrity/Strictly Come naked. They are deluding themselves. This is the biggest load of rubbish ever broadcast by the BBC. Bar none.

The man in the ball last Saturday was terrible. I have seen it done much better twice. To have the minute of "dead air", while he put on his not-very-impressive Elvis suit, was just dire. And not only did they broadcast this embarrassment once, they reprised the whole sordid thing again later in the evening.

Oh dear. A preforming dog? A little kid singing? Come back Hughie Green, all is forgiven.

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