Tuesday, February 27, 2007

At last it happens: Irish presenter in two places at once!

There used to be a joke that Terry Wogan managed to broadcast in two places at once. Now his Irish colleague Eamonn Holmes has actually done it! He was live on a cookery programme, with quiz phone-in, on BBC2 at the same time as doing a live phone-in radio show on Radio Five Live! Remarkable!

Cue another "Quiz show fiddle furore" story....except that for the "live" cookery programme, which was recorded, dear old Auntie had filmed three possible outcomes and switched in the one which most people phoned in to vote for. Clever stuff.

Here's the laugh! In order to prepare the two possible outcomes, Eamon Holmes had to eat two substantial desserts! No wonder he says that he is "developing a very good...physique for radio".


  1. Sorry to be pedantic Paul, but there were only two options. The options were his culinary "hell" or "heaven".

  2. Thank you NB. Now corrected - got carried away!