Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shock! Horror! Torygraph describes rumblings about the Mingership by Rockall Focus deliverer

I suppose we should be grateful for any media coverage. And at least in the Torygraph, the readership is likely to have sympathy with someone complaining about being written off by some as "too old".

Oh look, that well known alleged senior front-bencher U.P.Source has been muttering. U.P.Source should "put up or shut up"!

....that's Unnamed Party Source, in case I am being too obscure. Even the Torygraph had the good grace to describe the source as "allegedly a senior front-bencher". That's a laugh. He or she could be a Focus deliverer on Rockall then.

It is good that the Torygraph described Menzies as "not angry" at having his health and appearance being called into question by the Rockall Focus deliverer. He is quite right not to be angry.

Quite frankly, the more that young twit Cameron demonstrates the shallowness of Eton-educated middle-age, the more a trustworthy old Liberal Edinburgh Barrister is what we need at our helm.

Hat-tippery: Liberal England and Quaequam Blog.

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