Tuesday, February 13, 2007

MP's detailed travel expenses on the web - thanks to Norman Baker

Very well done to Norman Baker for battling for two years to have the details of MP's travel expenses published.

They are now showing on the House of Commons web site.

The top claimants (from the press releases) are:

Top five air travel claimants

1. Alistair Carmichael, Lib Dem, Orkney & Shetland, £34,347
2. Eric Joyce, Lab, Falkirk, £30,578
3. Angus MacNeil, SNP, Western Isles, £19,919
4. Gregory Campbell, DUP, East Londonderry, £17,733
5. Peter Robinson, DUP, Belfast East £16,126

Top five mileage claimants

1. Janet Anderson, Lab, Rossendale & Darwen, £16,612
2. Laurence Robertson, Con, Tewkesbury, £12,015
3. Eric Joyce, Lab, Falkirk, £9,647
4. Stephen O'Brien, Con, Eddisbury, £9,878
5. Daniel Kawczynski, Con, Shrewsbury & Atcham, £8,866

Top five rail fare claimants

1. Alan Milburn, Lab, Darlington, £16,782
2. John Grogan, Lab, Selby, £13,934
3. Ann Cryer, Lab, Keighley, £12,668
4. Sir Gerald Kaufman, Lab, Manchester Gorton, £12,434
5. Phil Willis, Lib Dem, Harrogate and Knaresborough, £11,753

Top five taxi and car hire claimants

1. Richard Bacon, Con, South Norfolk £5,685
2. Stephen Dorrell, Con, Charnwood £4,933
3. John Thurso, Lib Dem, Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, £4,717
4. John Grogan, Lab, Selby, £4,063
5. Nigel Evans, Con, Ribble Valley, £3,430

Chris Huhne drives a green Toyota Prius, so that should borne in mind when studying his mileage claim versus his smaller train fare claim.


  1. Big shame about Chris Huhne that 90% or so of his travel claim was for driving his car the 75 miles between Eastleigh and London!

    This Environmental spokesman needs to go back to school.

  2. But it's for travel (presumably) in his Toyota Prius which is a SULEV - Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle

  3. There are 3 trains every hour between Eastleigh and Waterloo and then a short walk to Westminster.

    A Prius on the motorway (M3 Eastleigh to London) only gets 40 mpg.

    Green it is not.

  4. Jim

    A Prius has carbon emissions of 104 g/km.

    That is ultra low and this car is hailed as one of greenest cars on the market. The Friends of the Earth have recommended it:


    Also, it was Number 2 in the Guardian Top Ten green cars, where they (the Guardian) said: "it has the lowest CO2 emissions on the market"

  5. What about the congestion that he is contributing to?

    Also, didn't Chris Huhne own shares in gold mining company/ies until fairly recently?

    Gold mining involves the use of cyanide - not environmentally friendly.

  6. David

    I could make similar remarks about the Conservative shadow minister for the environment, Greg Barker, who claimed four times as much for car travel as he did for train fares. Barker's constituency is the same distance from the Commons as Huhnes, and is similarly served by trains.

    All the best